Thursday, August 28, 2008

not much here

Oddly enough not much has gone on this week. I seemed to spend almost the entire week wrangling kids and just basically surviving parenthood.

Some of my favorite moments this week have been observing little Chas. He is moving all over the house and getting into everything. His favorite thing to do is scoot over to the sliding glass door that leads out into the backyard. Once at the door he gets really excited and slaps the glass at the bottom of the window. We now have little hand prints all over the bottom of the glass and I just think it is so cute. When he is over by the window he loves to look outside. Usually Bonnie and scooter are outside playing around, especially this week since the weather has been so wonderful. Here is a cute photo with him right next to the window.
He has learned, like most babies do, to smile whenever I bring out the camera - he used to get scared when I'd pull out the camera.


denverallens said...

Ohhhh, he is so cute!!!

Kristine said...

What a gorgeous, happy baby. And I spy a corgi too. We have two corgis - ten year old brother and sister. Yours looks very young still.

claushausIII said...

what a cute little chunk!