Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Another tooth finally broke through Chas's gums today. He's been fighting this tooth since last Thursday and I couldn't be happier. When he is teething he is just not the fun loving happy boy we all know.

If you don't know the dynamics of my household Bonnie is an exact replica of Jay and myself. She is difficult to handle and with Chas's birth he has brought just a lot more fun into the family. I guess we needed someone with a laid back personality.

Needless to say when Chas is cranky the whole family suffers. I wonder what I'll do when he finally hits his terrible twos. He hasn't hit the terrible ones like Bonnie did so hopefully things will stay relatively calm with him.

Here's another photo from Sunday night - Bonnie is blowing bubbles. A new favorite past time.


mommybake said...

I am so glad that his tooth poked thru finally!! He is a JOY to have around!! Bonnie is a sweet little girl, with a devilish side:) You should have seen her today helping pick up legos! Poor girl - Deano had more fun taking them out and making Bonnie scream - DEANO, PUT IT BACK!!! I just smiled! I finaly sent them to play and did it myself:)

denverallens said...

Bubbles are Sydney's favorite too! I bought 5 gallons on clearance last summer, so maybe we won't run out this year! But with they way they get spilled, it probably won't be enough!

Aim said...

Oh I hate the teething, Cedric is no fun to be around when he is getting a tooth. I like when he isn't getting a tooth and he goes back to his normal happy self, then I am reminded that yes he is fun to be around.