Thursday, April 16, 2009


Wow I can't believe another tax season has ended. This one was tough - a lot tougher than in the past. I had two kids versus a newborn and kid this year. They take so much effort. It was also much harder because Jay went back to the office at night which isn't our home anymore. Alas we made it!

Another tough thing about tax season is April 16th. On this day I usually go back to being mommy and it is such a rough transition for me. I'm still stressed out about taxes but am supposed to be caring for the kids. This morning I would of said this day is going to be horrible. Why you ask.

Chas went down for a nap at 9 am because he was throwing fits left and right. My original diagnosis was correct - he was cutting a tooth. I'm glad I gave him some pain medicine before he went to bed. He seemed somewhat better after his nap.

During tax season Bonnie was allowed to watch way too much TV and movies. This morning she wanted to watch a movie and I told her no. Few people have ever seen the full blown crazy temper tantrum Bonnie. I was beginning to think she might need n exorcism from the degree of this fit. Amazingly at some point she did calm down and later in the morning we went outside and everything changed.

Bonnie has been outside most of the day and it has been very therapeutic for her and me. We picked up a great shovel at Jo-Anns fabrics that is just her size. She has been having fun digging in the sand all afternoon. I am looking forward to her crashing and falling asleep tonight.

Easter came and went for us. We had a really fun egg hunt and Suzanne's family joined us for the event. It turned out really nice. As soon as everyone left I fell asleep on the couch - I was exhausted. Here are a few pics of the kids hunting for eggs.

Chas found enough candy to sit and begin eating. The rest of the kids were still hunting for eggs.

Bonnie in her new Easter dress or as she called it her princess dress.


denverallens said...

I'm glad you made it through another tax season! Sounds like life might calm down a little bit. Glad you had a great Easter! Can't wait to see the new baby!!!!!

Lonita said...

Congrats on surviving! Bonnie's dress turned out really cute - looks like she loved it!

mommybake said...

Exorcism - funny you say that! I might be one of the ONLY person other then you and Jay that see that sweet little girl, turn her head all the way around:)!! But boy do I love that girl!!

Aim said...

It seems like when one of my kids is having one of those bad days all of them do it. It turns into a SERENITY now moment for me. Bonnie's dress turned out really cute. Yea for Tax season to be over!

Urban Parks said...

I note that Chas and Mike have the same poses, but at least Chas found candy. Mom says Bonnie's dress is "cute." I agree.