Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Sweet Sweet Bernina

Two weeks ago I arrived at our local quilt shop two hours before their Bernina sale ended. I went ahead and ordered an Aurora 430 but unfortunately they had to order it in.

Last week in the very terrible beginnings of my cold the machine arrived. I was so very very excited but all the energy I had was to open the box and look at the machine. After that I promptly went to sleep.

Today I am finally feeling better and pulled the machine out. I LOVE IT! I am so very excited about this new machine. It is going to change everything. I only did a little sewing because the hour is getting late but I am just so excited. I have a long list of household things waiting to be made and now Jay and I can finally have bedroom curtains!


denverallens said...

Sally, Yeah! How fun for you! I bet you're in heaven! Sew something for me!

claushausIII said...

Yeah! You have a blog!! I'm so excited, now maybe I can see Chas. Thanks again for the cute blanket for Jasper (I call him "Yaz" like it rhymes Chas or the 80's new wave band, your choice)