Monday, September 22, 2008

Backyard Noises

Last night, as we usually do, we let our dog scooter out for his nightly doggy business.

Here is our corgi with my newborn (last January).

As Jay was shutting the door we heard this hoot hoot sound. We thought about it and figured maybe we have an owl.

We walked out back real quite like and listened and sure enough there was the hooting again. We felt really special to get to hear this.

Then as I laid in bed to fall asleep I heard her again. We just feel so lucky to have some space to hear the wonderful sounds of nature.


Kristine said...

ooh, you have a corgi - and a beautiful looking one at that. We have two corgies - brother and sister from the same litter who are now 10 years old.

Bryce said...

Having spent a lot of time camping with Jay, I can't help but wonder if he is behind some of the "sounds of nature" that you refer to.