Monday, July 5, 2010

My Baby turned 1!

Last Friday Charlotte turned one.  I am so amazed time has flown by so quickly.  We were down visiting my sister in Utah and had a wonderful party.  The cake was more then amazing.

Here Donna is applying the third layer to Charlotte's cake.

Oh yes I hear you saying wow, that's a lot of cake.  Just wait.

Yes that is the fourth layer of the cake.

Donna frosting on top of the fifth layer.

Finally all the layers were applied.  At this point we'd used all the frosting we had made.  So then we made another batch of frosting.

But our second batch of frosting wasn't enough so we had to make a third batch of frosting.  Finally we had it all frosted and it was time to party!

 Everyone is excited about this cake.  We put four candles on the cake because there were three big kids that wanted to help blow out the candles.

Looks like we weren't cutting the cake quick enough.  Chas finally HAD to taste the frosting.  He'd been holding back all evening but he just couldn't take it anymore.

Ta-Da, a rainbow cake!!  Donna & I were so pleased with how cute this cake turned out.  In fact everyone was in awe.  That's the best part about my family, we are always up for an adventure when it comes to dessert.  We had to use paper towels for the cake because it was too big for plates!

Most importantly the birthday girl approved.  She loved it the cake.  I fed it to her in color portions because I didn't' want the doggies getting all the cake.

Proof that she's part me.  There is still cake left on her tray but as you can see she was busy eating the icing first.

We just thought we'd use a diet coke can to reference the height of this awesome cake.  We had a great birthday party for the little one.  Happy Birthday Charlotte.


denverallens said...

That is totally cute!!! I can't believe Charlotte is one already! She is so adorable!!! Us McLean's and cakes. Did you check out facebook this weekend? Patti's girls are all over the cakes too! So fun!!!!

denverallens said...

PS, did Donna get skinnier?????

allerkins said...

That is the coolest cake ever! wow so pretty! good work!!

Urban Parks said...

That was a great birthday and a true McLean when it comes to frosting and cake. I'm sure I would have been in the hospital after the 3rd piece. However, next time try 5 different kinds of chocolate - with chocolate frosting. That would be totally over the edge. And, what a cute little girl. We sure love her and all of her helpers.

quilts and quirks said...

What a great cake. It was so tall. How cute to have different colors. WOW. I would love to taste it right now. I want it right now.

quilts and quirks said...

Oh yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLOTTE. Yes is one of the family. My grandchildren are the BEST.

Lonita said...

Happy birthday, Charlotte! That is totally a McLean cake - love the rainbow colors!

Aim said...

That's a cool cake! Is the cake flavored with Jello? Or is it just food coloring?

Donna said...

The cake was totally fun to make! Glad we had an excuse!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...