Friday, July 16, 2010

The Little Guy

Remember this little guy? 

A few weeks ago Bonnie had become extremely exhausted on a Sunday and ended up throwing up.  On Monday morning she still wasn't feeling very good.  I decided it was time to pull out the good old sprite soda remedy.  I told Jay I was headed to the gas station to get her some soda and asked him if he wanted anything.  He suggested donuts.

I'm not the type of girl that eats standard donuts, I have to have the good stuff.  So I asked him if he meant the good stuff or the powder donuts from the gas station.  He meant the gas station.

Back home I handed out the donuts.  Chas ended up eating maybe three of four.  Jay was still at the table eating breakfast while I checked on Bonnie and got her soda.  Yeah Bonnie was in heaven, she was getting soda.

I headed back into the kitchen to have a few donuts and saw Chas still sitting on his seat at the table.  The next thing I see is him as he reached his hand slowly over to the top left hand corner and taps his fingers on the edge of the computer.  Then he slowly leaned over, he looked like he had no clue as to what he was actually going to do.  Then with his head next to the corner of the computer he opened his mouth and began gnawing on the computer!  Jay grabbed the computer and we told him you weren't allowed to gnaw on the computer.

He ran off to the other room on a serious sugar high.  I laughed about that for days and really wish I could of gotten a picture of him chewing on the computer.  We haven't made the same mistake since, no powdered sugar donuts for that boy in the morning anymore.


denverallens said...

That's so funny! I feed my kids the powdered sugar donuts and nobody has gnawed on anything questionable. But my kids are all more McLean then Allen. High tolerance for sugar. Maybe the Chaz is more Bradley than McLean! Still, SO funny!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

loven it!!

Donna said...

So is this a pic of him coming down from his sugar high? Love that he's just in a sugar coma and doesn't know what he's doingl

Krissie said...

That's SO funny! I love that he wanted to eat the laptop!

quilts and quirks said...

Oh, the computer gnawing is very funny. That will give me a good laugh for several days also.