Monday, June 28, 2010

Red Fish Lake, One Last Time

While visiting Red Fish Lake on Saturday morning Jay was getting ansy.  He decided he wanted to take us to the trail head for Hell Roaring Lake.  It would of been fun to hike the mile up to the lake but with little ones we would not of made it. 

The road to the trail head was quiet an adventure itself (I was scared to death half the time on the route).  The route was all off road and very very bumpy.  After we took a very big hill (later I would say it was nothing) we decided to stop.  Bonnie was totally freaking out about the whole adventure.  She was not enjoying the ride and letting all of us know her opinion about off roading.

Chas was sitting on a rock and laughing hard as Bonnie was running through the forest.  Bonnie refused to sit still so I could get a picture of her.

So after they ran around a bit we got back in the pickup and headed farther down the trail/road.  While we had been playing a Jeep passed us, so we figured when we got to the trail head we'd run into them again. 

Once we were on our way again we had to drive very carefully because logs were sticking out in the trail.  During the ride I commented to Jay it seemed like the forest service had made little effort to move these logs as if daring us to go further.  We both laughed and figured yep that was what they were up too.

This is just a random photo of us on the road.  I was trying to capture the Sawtooth Mountains because they are just beautiful but in the end I captured the road!

We got to one part of the road and had not only caught up to the Jeep we saw pass us but another Jeep.  We thought maybe they were traveling together and stopping every once in a while to talk.  Then we had to drive under the branch they had to drive under.

When we headed back down the road I took a picture of us working our way under the branch.

Once we got to the trail head we noticed the first Jeep had two college boys in it.  We were talking to them and they said they sawed five logs and moved them out of the way.  Then on the last tree we drove under they said they just sawed off the branches sticking down.  So it turned out it wasn't the forest service barely moving the logs out of the way but the boys were getting the trees out of the way so they could hike into the mountains.  We played around a bit once we made it to the trail head.  The creek was really big this time of year and it was just beautiful up where we were.

Chas made sure, once were at the trail head, that all rocks available were being thrown into the water.

Charlotte and myself on by the creek.

You may wonder how we got Bonnie to stop freaking out. 

Basically with technology she's not a 14 year old at 4.  She listened to the ipod most of the way there, they entire way home, and then for most of the rest of the weekend.


Donna said...

Looks like a fun trip. Glad to see you're prepping the girl to ignore the family and just listen to music on the ipod! Anything to get those teenagers thru a long family weekend! hee hee

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

COOL!!! Fun!!!

quilts and quirks said...

It looks cool and refreshing to someone from HOT Nevada. A fun adventure.