Friday, June 25, 2010

Red Fish Lake Night 1

The first night staying up at Red Fish Lake found us in this fun Lake Cabin instead of the big roomy one we usually have.  We were moving into the roomier cabin the next day.  When we pulled up Jay and I were totally excited because last year we had walked by this cabin a million times and talked about how fun it would be to stay in that cabin.  This cabin was close to the lake and had tall windows on one side of the house so when you looked out from the main floor or the loft you could see the lake.  It was a beautiful view.  At that point we were wishing we didn't have to move the following day.

Charlotte was very happy with the cabin too.  She was just excited to get out of the truck.

That night we put Charlotte to bed with ease, babies can be so easy sometimes.  Then when we put Chas to bed he was screaming up a storm, he didn't like going to bed in a strange place and all alone.  Bonnie was sleeping in a different room so we didn't worry about her.  Chas' cries woke up Charlotte and they were screaming together.  Meanwhile Jay and I tried to enjoy a movie on the laptop in the front room.  As we were sitting on the couch when we heard squeaking noises.  I looked at the chimney and we both figured bats lived in the chimney.  No biggie right.

Finally we gave up and went into the bedroom to watch our movie so Chas would finally go to sleep.  As we were laying there watching a movie I noticed something flying around the ceiling.  At first I thought it might be a bug by the night light and looked over at the night light.  Nothing, absolutely no bugs flying around the night light.  I kind of jumped a little at that point.

Jay looked at me and asked me what was wrong.  I told him something was flying around the ceiling.  He looked up and confirmed my suspicion.  We had a bat in our room!

I jumped out of bed kind of freaking out and not sure what to do.  The bat swooped down at me and I let out a little scream, the kids were finally asleep and I didn't want to wake them up.  I ran to the door and opened the door, the bat did not follow.  Jay suggested I run downstairs and turn on the lights down there.  I did that and the bat followed, the bat flew down to the front room and I screamed while hurtling up the stair back to my room.  I know, total baby.

At this point April came out of her room to see what was going on.  We showed her the bat flying around.  Bonnie got a little scared so her and I went back into her room and hung out while Jay and April tried to get the bat outside.  While sitting with Bonnie and trying to make her laugh I heard shuffling, shoes being flung, and general chaos in the outer loft and front room area.  The bat wasn't leaving, so finally we all gave up and shut our doors and went to bed.  We made sure the put clothes across the crack on the bottom of our floor so the bat couldn't sneak back in.

The next morning we were all getting ready, we had one bathroom so it took a while.  I showered and then Jay showered.  As he was brushing his teeth he saw movement out of the corner of his eyes.  He looked over at the wall and saw a wing open up and a little head pop out to look at him.  Being more calm in nature then I, he finished brushing teeth slowing with no sudden movements and came out to tell us all that the bat had moved to the bathroom.

If you look at the second dark line (middle of the picture) you'll notice something a little darker closer to the other wall.  That was our bat.

April came to the rescue us and use of the bathroom, seeing as how I declared I wouldn't go in there again.  She got the bat to fly out the window.  Lets just say Jay and I were very happy to move to the newer bat-less cabin the next day.


Lonita said...

Bats totally freak me out - I don't blame you for boycotting the bathroom after the bat had taken up residence. But at least you've got a good story now you can remember every time you walk past Bat-Cabin.

michael said...

You need to use that fear you have of bats now and avenge the death of your parents by becoming the bat. Wait, your parents are still alive, never mind.

Donna said...

Now you'll never wish to stay in that cabin again! I would have totally stayed out of the bathroom too if there was a bat in there!

quilts and quirks said...

What a weekend. Life is so full of adventure!! Most of these adventures are fun. It will be talked about for years. He didn't like be disturbed.

Krissie said...

I am so scared of bats, I would have totally acted the same way as you! I remember in Bloomington not going into our garage for a whole season because a bat was on my bike

denverallens said...

That is so funny! I don't know what I'd do if I found a bat flying around my cabin! We used to call Steve (the manager) when we'd find a bat in the stairwells at Evermann. He liked them and had a bat rescue in his back yard. Ewwww!