Friday, April 23, 2010


A few weeks ago we took a walk in the early morning to the grandparents house. It was really cold out that morning but we'd decided it was time to use the stroller again. We bundled up all three kids and headed over.

On a morning like today, it will be warm today, I appreciate these cute photos. It's 9:23 am and I've already broken up a ton of fights between the older two. I've had to save the baby from her big brother at least 6 times. I am so glad we're going to my sisters house soon because I just might loose it. It must be time to open a diet coke!!

Have a wonderful weekend. I know we are, I've got all kinds of stuff on my to-do list, but most important is we are going to get our vegetable/flowers starts started this weekend!


quilts and quirks said...

What a cute pic of the kids. Bonnie is protecting baby and Chas is just smiling (laughing) through the whole thing. He's a McLean: see a camera and you smile. It lasts for awhile.

Donna said...

Love the pic of the kids! You are so brave, 3 kids out in the cold on a walk. When it's cold here I don't go outside. Just remember the loves and smiles when you're breaking up fights!

Lonita said...

Oh, they're so cute and cuddly together! I don't know how you manage to keep 3 of them contained, though - I can hardly wrestle 1 Joshua into his stoller these days :-).

quilts and quirks said...

I click on a grandchild's picture and enlarge the pic. Then I can look at it and see heaven coming to earth one soul at a time.