Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We live on an acre and within that acre is a barn that acts as our storage area. The previous owners used it to store horse food and that kind of crap. I've been going out there lately to find some old clothes. yep, the baby has been here for almost 10 months and for the first time after a baby I've managed to shed some weight.

While I was out there last week I grabbed a pair of Levis. They were 33 x 30. I'm not sure what I was thinking but figured they must of been mine.

A few weeks ago my sister brought over a ton of pants. They all fit loosely but are way too long. As I was cleaning up last night I decided to go through the jeans and choose which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of. I spotted the Levis and looked at them. Then it hit me, these weren't my Levis they were Jay's old Levis. Yeah the Levis he wore when we were first dating.

I brought them out for him to see and asked if we could get rid of them. I was in a purging mood. He paused and thought about it and being the wife I am told him he'd never be a 33 waist again.

He looked at me and asked why can't he try.

I promptly told him, You can't be skinnier then me, you just can't!

He laughed pretty hard and said sure go ahead and get rid of them. That's the kind of guy he is, he'll keep me happy and take the roll of the heavier spouse. I love this guy.

On a side note I was cutting coupons while sitting at a stop light yesterday. I looked at the person in their car to the right of me and they were totally laughing, I think I would of too. All I could think was I've been caught clipping at a red light!


Aim said...

We totally still have the clothes that we wore when we were dating. And knowing me we will never get rid of them. We won't ever be able to wear them but I will keep them and the kids will have to get rid of them.
I agree, Reed always has to be the bigger spouse.
Do you have any good tricks on how you lost the weight?
So you cut coupons? Do you order a bunch of the sunday paper? What method do you use. I would have laughed at you, clipping coupons in the car too!

Donna said...

Love that your hubby wants to keep his jeans but decided you could be the skinnier spouse. What a sweet guy!

Lonita said...

Funny. My dad once accidentally put on my mom's jeans and wore them around town for the day - how he didn't notice is beyond me, given the 10-inch height difference between the 2 of them...