Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Just thought I'd show some progress on the cross stitch I started for Chas last summer. It's his birth announcement and I just love it. I made one for Bonnie back when she was a baby.

Oh yeah & if you forgot what he looked like, here's a photo of him with scooter.

This dog is so patient.


quilts and quirks said...

What a beautiful cross stitch in the making!! But, the little boy is delightful. He just has so much "let's play" in him. Scooter really loves his masters.

Krissie said...

Love the cross stitch! I can't believe how scooter just lets the kids play on him. That is so great!

Donna said...

He looks so much older with that short haircut! Stop it! Are you doing the same cross stitch as Bonnie's?

sally said...

Yeah Donna, it's the same one as Bonnie's cross stitch. I just love it so much I couldn't find anything that compared.

mommybake said...

I am excited to know that you don't have Chas's done yet!! I only have a few stiches done for this little one:) Of course I didn't do any for any of my other children!! Ellen has one from you that she loves!!

I love seeing Chas in the boys clothes!! He is getting so big!! And that smile!! I hope all of our kids get healthy soon so we can see each other!! Other wise we might just need to get together with out them!! Love you!