Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time Continues On

This photo was taken in April of 2008. That is my oldest nephew, to the left of me, who has his arm around me. I believe Jay took this photo of the siblings & parents. Now Calvin didn't have his arm around me because we have a special bond by any means. No, This was the weekend we discovered Calvin was taller than me!!! I knew the day was coming but I didn't think it would of arrived so quickly. My little baby nephew who I remember feeding at Dauphin Island when he was a wee baby was now taller than me.

This is Calvin and Bonnie down in Las Vegas about a year earlier (October 2007). This is a funny photo because Bonnie was playing under neath Calvin's large rock throwing area. I just remember this because it was funny.

This is Boomer with Bonnie in this photo. Boomer was Calvin's dog and he was such a good dog to everyone.

One of my very last memories of Calvin was after he got his cell phone. Now Calvin had a few rules concerning this cell phone of his. One of the rules was that it had to be in my sister's room at night so he wasn't down in his room texting all the time. Well the weekend we were visiting the room we staying in was above Calvin's room. Jay and I were laying on the air mattress trying to fall asleep and we could hear giggling in the room downstairs. Since we knew Calvin was alone we figured out he was texting. It was just so funny to sit there listening to him giggle as someone texted him something. Jay and I enjoyed hearing him laugh that we just couldn't snitch on him.


denverallens said...

Those are great memories Sally. I love them. I especially like the look on his face with his arm around you. They LOVE it when they get taller, Mac is less than an inch away!

Urban Parks said...

I remember so many of these experiences and how wonderful they seem now. I'm thankful you girls have worked so hard to remember Calvin. He will always be special and there will always be a plate at the table for him.