Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Great Balloon Chase

This morning Jay headed out for work as he does every morning. He gave me a call on my cell but I didn't hear it, I have this weird ability to turn down my ringer and I have no clue as to how this ever happens. Thankfully he texted me so I could figure out the coolness he was telling me.

As I was in my bedroom I could hear this odd noise but since next to our bedroom is the Baptist Church parking lot I assumed maybe it was something going on there. So I heard the text noise from my phone. I checked it out. Jay's text said, there's a hot air balloon in our backyard. Oh cool. I ran out back and could see it through the trees. The kids couldn't see it very well though.

I looked at them and said, "Let's chase the hot air balloon." It took a little coaxing but I finally got them in the car. The balloon was moving fast but when we got to the end of the road I could see it was just in the neighborhood by my house. I drove down the road and sure enough the balloon had landed in the road!

The view from the car.

The kids instantly thought it was so cool. So we stayed and watched them deflate the balloon. I found it pretty fun myself.

The kids checking out the balloon.

Right after this they put some hot air in the balloon and it totally scared Chas - he stayed attached to my hip after that.

Taking the balloon down.

Bonnie being silly as the balloon was deflated.

I think our family may have a future in balloon chasing, I think it's better than chasing tornadoes!


Krissie said...

Next year you should come down for the balloon festival. We can chase the balloon and at the mass ascension we can go in and even touch the balloons! It is amazing when the balloons land!

Donna said...

Whole lot safer than chasing tornadoes. How fun!

denverallens said...

How cute are they!!! Love Bonnie's boots. Sorry they weren't smaller!

allerkins said...

So I told you I was jealous, but I don't think I said how much! When Michael told me you guys had a balloon by your house, I wanted to drop whatever we were doing and go see it! And yes, Krissie, I'm jealous of you too! I have a huge obsession with hot air balloons right now. I'm even writing paper about them in my creative writing class! So this story just might be going into my paper :)

Lonita said...

Fun! We had a hot air balloon land in our neighborhood a few months ago - they're pretty cool