Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Kids

I've been wanting to do a little photo comparison of the kids for a while now. As little ones they all look so very much a like to me. But then that is my opinion, just like I think they are all the cutest babies in the world. I'm allowed to feel that way, I'm Mommy.

We begin with Bonnie Jean.

Hands down Bonnie had the biggest cheeks of all the kids. Look at those adorable kissable cheeks.

Now to Mr. Chas.

His top is so correct - he stole my heart. To this day Chas is still our smiling little character. Jay described him as a cute stuffed animal - you just want to hug and make him giggle all the time.

Now to sweet little Charlotte.

Charlotte isn't as old as the other two kids are in their pictures. She is our long skinny little girl who has exploded with smiles all the time. I am so amazed how much she adores he siblings & parents. When I get her up in the morning she is just ready to smile & brighten everyone's day.


mommybake said...

We all need at least one or two of those sweet smiley kids:) It helps to balance out our lovable challenable children:) But we love them all!!

denverallens said...

Thanks! I've been wanting to look! I think Charlotte looks like Chas! Those mouths are identical! So very, very cute!

Donna said...

THey are all just so adorable. Makes my heart cry to not have any little ones like that at my house. Please move in with me.

quilts and quirks said...

The three little ones. We all adore their smiles and cheeks. Bonnie's smile will come back, I'm sure. Chas and Charlotte do look so much a like. They seem to have smaller foreheads or is it a lower hairline.

Krissie said...

They are adorable little ones. :)