Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the elephants

I realized I never shared the elephants I made. I made these probably in 2007 before Chas was born. That was back when I had oodles of spare time (mainly because I neglected house work). Now with three rug rats I have so little time for sewing. These old projects always lift my spirits.

I made this cutie for a friend's little baby.

I also made this one for another friend's baby. I had such a blast making these. I also enjoyed using cute fabrics on this one. The elephants were made with Alexandar Henry prints and the blankets on the back of the elephants using Fair Market Fabric.


denverallens said...

I love, love, love those! How cute! I like it when there's a bit of chenille mixed in for texture. Love it!

Lonita said...

Thos are awfully cute. I love the fabric.

mommybake said...

Those are so cute!!

Donna said...

I love the elephants! I made one too and they are so cute.