Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Zoo

On Monday morning Bonnie had a school field trip to the zoo. I was probably as excited as the kids were to go on our first field trip. We could bring any and all siblings but I choose to just take Chas. Allison stayed with Charlotte.
They kids were so excited to see all kinds of different animals. We showed up right at 10 am when they open and we saw the monkeys eating apples.
I tried really hard to get a photo of Bonnie smiling. Oh wait she still isn't smiling in this photo. We had just gone through the penguin area and the kids loved it. The penguins had either just been fed or had just snorted crack because they were insane crazy. It was pretty fun.

This slide was one of the big hits of the zoo. Ok I take that back the kids were really excited about all the animals they saw and we saw a lot. This slide was just super exciting for all the kids.

Here is a photo of her having fun, but she didn't know I was actually taking this picture.

The kids decided next time we go to the zoo that we need to meet Aunt Sue Sue. So I guess there will be another trip this year!


Donna said...

Love that your penguins are addicts! Maybe they'll offer methadone next visit. A cool day is always a good day at the zoo cuz the animals aren't sleeping. Looks like you guys had fun!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...


Aim said...

Arthur and Orson still talk about your zoo, we will have to come back some time and go to the Boise zoo again. Bonnie's hair cut is cute!

Lonita said...

That's an awsome slide - I even want to go down it!

Urban Parks said...

I think I saw the hint of a smile on the slide. Just a hint, but a smile, nonetheless.