Thursday, November 12, 2009

I thought the older Charlotte got the more time I would have to get back to blogging. Boy was I ever wrong. It seems now that she has become somewhat easier the other two have taken up the slack. It seems the older ones are going through a phase and I have to say I really don't like it. There is way too much fighting going on.

Then yesterday I laid Charlotte down on the floor. She doesn't get to hang out on the floor very often because if you saw my last post pics you'd see big brother loves her. He loves her very much! But yesterday she had a few quiet moments on the floor and I turned around just in time to see her plop on her tummy. Yep she rolls now! It's really cute, she gets on her tummy looks around and is like crap I don't want to be here how do I get back. Jay was trying to show her how to roll back last night. She is just so darn cute.

On the baby front she is much longer than Bonnie ever was. So the clothes Bonnie fit into during the winter don't even fit Charlotte very well. Charlotte's 4 months old but fits into anything larger than 3 month old clothes. I discovered that the poor kid doesn't have a lot of dresses and if there is one thing a baby girl needs, it's lots of dresses. So the kids & I hit the fabric store last weekend and picked up two patterns and a shoe pattern. I'm so excited to start sewing for Charlotte. I cut out the first dress last night and can't wait to have it ready for her this Saturday.

The other big project, which there always seems to be one, is getting the laundry room organized. Now that Jay is in scouting in again full time, this time as an advisor out side of church, he has a lot of scout stuff that he needs to have at his disposal at all times. So I think we'll be getting the shelves I've been asking for in the laundry room! So this will be kind of fun to see what we can do with the area.

Since I can't leave a post with a photo here is my big sister with my two babies.

This was taken all the way back in August, when someone didn't have any neck control. Now she holds her neck up so well.


Donna said...

I look a little scared in that pic! They're just so darn cute!

quilts and quirks said...

I love the picture. Yes, I agree Charlotte is getting big, in a very cute and good way. She is just a doll.