Thursday, July 16, 2009

Charlotte Ann's Baby Quilt

Charlotte Ann's Baby Quilt
Originally uploaded by DanMcLean

The best part about having a new baby in my family is the baby quilt the new baby gets from my mom or Grandma. This time I asked my mom if I could contributed some of my fabric. I really wanted to use some of my Japanese fabric and some of the fabric I purchased from Kristen. My mom used the big Russian doll for the center of the quilt and then used the smaller Russian doll fabric for the border. While all the girls were at sisters weekend we worked on picking out fabric to make it all work together. I am so happy how it turned out.


Urban Parks said...

It's a great looking quilt with lots of love sewn into it - from all your family.

Aim said...

What a beautiful quilt! What a talented Mom you have!

Lonita said...

I love how it turned out - looks great!