Friday, July 25, 2008

Overextended Thursday

Wow. Have you ever done just a little too much? Yesterday was a crazy day for me. On Sunday Jay and I decided to invite over a family for dessert on Thursday. Sounds like a good idea. But then Thursday arrived and I had a ton of visitors. Today I feel a little worn out but I'm off work so no big deal.

Even though we were really busy yesterday it was one of those great days. I finally felt like my house could be a meeting place for family to come and just hang out. My sister, Suzanne, came by with her two little boys first. That is always fun. Then later afternoon our nieces came by to play with Bonnie and then at the same time Grandpa stopped in. He stayed and ate lunch and I shared some cheesecake with him. Then our guests game over and we had some more fun. I made two yummy pies. This is all that is left. Looks like a good day for me!
Plus on top of that my baby got his first tooth yesterday and only 6 months old! Bonnie was almost a year when she got her first tooth. So Chas was grumpy all day and then in the evening I felt a tooth. What a tough guy. He is also sleeping it off right now. But just for good measure here is an adorable photo of him. He sits up a little but usually just falls over - so I was impressed he did this for so long.

Bonnie had such a great day that when I checked on her last night this is where she fell asleep. In the dog's bed! Makes me laugh.I would say yesterday was a fun and busy day. Now the kids and I are recovering today. Thank goodness. Oh and before I go I finished the top of my doll quilt. Just a peek and then I'm off for the weekend.


Cheeky Beaks said...

Your doll quilt looks gorgeous!

JoAnn said...

The strips are so nice and straight and the colors are bright and wonderful. It looks great. Mom

three buttons said...

I love your dolls quilt! Thank you for your interest in joining This Is!! I've finally had a chance to add you to our blog roll! I hope you can still play.

Angela x