Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wabbit Hunting

Last night at dinner Bonnie was singing a song to Jay.  She was trying to get him to listen to the song she learned in preschool.  It was really just so darn cute. 

Jay turned to her and began singing, "Kill the Rabbit, Kill the Rabbit, Kill the Rabbit."  Which of course made all of use laugh, dads have that effect.

Please tell me that everyone reading this blog knows who Elmer Fudd is.

Even though the sun was gone and it was twilight (didn't see any vampires) we headed into the backyard.  On a side note my father has informed me I no longer live on an acre but live on an estate.  So from here on out we'll call my yard the estate.

So we ran out into the estate.  All three kids, Jay, and me.  Bonnie and Chas were so cute running around looking for rabbits.  Charlotte held my hand and we walked around following her siblings.  We headed all the way to the back of our estate, Bonnie looking for rabbits, Jay & I looking at the blackberry bushes.

We ran around a while and pretended to just miss rabbits.  All in all it was just so fun and little Charlotte did not want to come inside, you should of heard the commotion.

If you don't know who Elmer Fudd is, go look it up.


Donna said...

What a fun silly story! Too bad Bonnie didn't find any rabbits.

Lonita said...

Awesome. I think now your estate needs a name - kind of like all the grand estates back in the time of Jane Austen. Maybe "Elmerfudderly?"

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

How fun!! These are the things the kids are going to remember!!