Monday, October 4, 2010


While visiting my sister last August I snuck off to her fabric store.  This little store is a gem!  I found some of the cutest fabric, I had been looking around for this fabric and couldn't believe I found it.

As soon as I got home it was all I could do to stop myself from getting the quilt made. It took a little time and since August, September, and the first half of October are always busy months for me.

This is just the quilt top, but soon I hope to have it quilted.  Especially since the original idea I had for this blanket was to use on our couch this fall and winter.  I may have underestimated the immense size of this thing.  But I've fallen in love with it. 

The center panel has the alphabet with matching animals and I love that it's not the usual animals.  For example, U is for Urchin.

I can't wait to finish quilting this baby.  I'm so excited to sit under the quilt and watch some great movies this fall. 


Donna said...

That turned out beautiful! You'll have to show me when I'm up next.

Aim said...

That looks so good! You need to come down and help me not be so scared of making a quilt.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

I love it Sally! It is turning out great!!

Lonita said...

Wow, that is really cute fabric - looks like an awesome blanket to snuggle under this winter!

allerkins said...

That is so cool! I love it! The alphabet panel is really cute.